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Rob Barrett & Will Fisher here, co-founders of Kit NA Brewing. Kit NA Brewing is a non-alcoholic brewery that was founded in 2021. The inspiration for starting the brewery came from Rob bidding farewell to alcohol and Will cutting back significantly. We recognized  a lack of exceptional non-alcoholic (NA) beer options in the market, and with our shared vision, we set out to create a platform that would provide high-quality craft beer without the buzz.

Since its inception, Kit NA Brewing has gained worldwide recognition and received multiple awards for its products. The brewery focuses on producing award-winning, crushable, non-alcoholic beer that can be enjoyed by everyone, at every occasion. Our mission is to offer a beer that does not compromise on taste or quality; giving individuals the opportunity to enjoy a true craft beer experience without the need for excuses.

Kit NA Brewing's dedication to creating exceptional NA beer has allowed us to expand rapidly. As a result, our products are now available for shipping nationwide, making our offerings accessible to a wider audience. The brewery aims to fill the gap in the market by providing a satisfying and enjoyable non-alcoholic beer option.

"Have A Beer That's True To You," emphasizes the inclusive nature of our products. Kit NA Brewing encourages individuals to enjoy our non-alcoholic beer without feeling the need to make excuses or compromise on their personal preferences.

Overall, Kit NA Brewing stands out as Maine's first and only exclusively non-alcoholic brewery, offering an award-winning and high-quality alternative to traditional alcoholic beers.

Award-winning. Crushable. Non-Alcoholic Beer. Have A Beer That’s True To You. #HaveAKit


Rob Barrett & Will Fisher

Sustainability Commitment

At Kit NA Brewing, we are take pride in collaborating with organizations that have openly shared and published their corporate responsibility initiatives, making significant contributions to a brighter future.
We are beyond proud to partner with outstanding companies such as Ball, Yakima Chief Hops, Crosby Hops, The Arc, Saranac, and many others. These companies are dedicated to initiatives such as achieving net-zero goals, supporting marginalized groups, implementing fair labor practices, and more.
  • Partnership with Sound Mind Live

    Kit NA Brewing, the award-winning and crushable non-alcoholic beer brand is proud to announce its transformative partnership with Sound Mind Live, a leading and inspiring non-profit organization dedicated to advancing mental health awareness and support.

  • Demistifying Non-Alcoholic Beer

    The popularity of non-alcoholic beer has surged as more people seek healthier alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. Let's explore some of the most frequently asked questions about non-alcoholic beer.

  • Beyond the Buzz

    In a world where having a good time seems synonymous with alcohol, let's dive into the realm of bar-hopping, dancing, and socializing without a drop of booze in your system. Cheers to the extraordinary magic of a good time at the bar – no hangovers required!