At Kit NA Brewing, we believe in being your true self, always -  and are empowering you to live life unapologetically.

Introducing Dry January’s Get Your K*t Together, an exciting and uplifting month-long journey of identifying goals and pursuing passions in the new year.

We are giving you a chance to get it together with a special K*t package, by donating to Kit NA’s Mental Health Organization Partner, Sound Mind Live.

Embrace the power of giving by making a donation and receive a Kit NA's Tuned In Mental Health Bracelet. Wear it proudly as a symbol of advocacy and support for the cause, spreading awareness and the conversation around mental health.

Donation Tiers:

Donate $15 or more - receive Kit NA's Tuned In Mental Health Bracelet & Get Your K*t Together Calendar

Donate $35 or more - receive all the above, plus 6-pk of Kit!

"We’re thrilled for this exciting partnership with Kit NA Brewing!  Sound Mind Live and Kit NA share a common vision using the universal langue of music to foster healing and connection.  Like music, non-alcoholic beer is an art and craft that can bring people together to foster deeper human connections and community – one of the biggest and time-tested remedies to prevent and support mental health challenges.    With Kit NA’s support, we will amplify our impact on mental health awareness. We'll be able to reach thousands of more people on mental health through music with our annual Music Festival for Mental Health in May, and our Rhythm and Reset event series throughout the year.  Together we’re turning up the volume on mental health conversations, and hope others will join us, donate, and be a part of this transformative movement." - Chris Bullard, Executive Director

Sound Mind Live is a non-profit organization that fosters community, dialogue, and action around mental health through the power of music. Sound Mind programs and events create safe spaces where music and open conversations about mental health coexist through collaboration between artists, audiences, and organizations to provide earlier intervention on mental health support and create supportive communities.

Sound Mind Live's work includes live events and workshops, podcast and video programming, and the annual Sound Mind Music Festival for Mental Health in New York City each May. Their programming also provides on-site and digital mental health resources in partnership with artist tours, venues, and music festivals around the country.

If you or a loved one is in need of help click here for more information.