Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Kit beers near me?
Our beers are distributed throughout the Northeast and we are always expanding - use the product finder tab on our site to find bars, breweries, restaurants, markets and package stores that carry our NA brews! Additionally, you can order online and ship right to your door!

Can I purchase a gift card?
Yes, check out our online store to order beer, merch, or purchase a gift card!

I want to buy beer as a gift - how long will it last? 
Our beers are best consumed within 12 months of their original brew date. You can determine the brew date by looking at the first three digits (the day in the year that it was made) and the last digit (the last number in the year).

Can I visit the tasting room?
We do not have a Tasting Room at the moment but you can find our beers at local retailers and bars near you - check out the product finder page on our website to find a spot near you!

How long does shipping take?
All orders go out the next day - expect your orders within 2-5 business days pending your location.

How do you make your beer?
Our beers are brewed very similarly to normal beer as they undergo a full fermentation and through careful monitoring, we are able to maintain very low levels of alcohol.

Are any of your beers gluten free? 
All of our beers are crafted to remove gluten, but traces of gluten may exist.

Is non-alcoholic beer safe for pregnant women?
Although our craft beers are non-alcoholic, please consult your physician prior to making any decisions!

Is there alcohol in your non-alcoholic beer?
Very low amounts, and always below 0.5%. This is roughly the same amount as in kombuchas, fruit juices, or sourdough breads due to natural fermentation.

Where do you ship?
We can ship our brews nationwide!

I’m with the press, can we connect?
Of course! Please reach out to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the IBU’s for each flavor?
On Your Mark: 36 IBU’sGet Set: 42 IBU’sHere We Go: 32 IBU’s

The following is a list of other requirements:

  • We will donate beer strictly to charities and nonprofit organizations, not to individuals or any other groups.
  • All inquiries must be submitted one month in advance of the event, otherwise they will be declined.
  • All requests must be submitted through our website portal. Any letters, emails or phone calls will be directed to fill out the complete form. 
  • Kit NA Brewing will limit donations to the same organizations to once per year.

We look forward to hearing about your event, thank you for your understanding. Please fill out the form below, cheers!