Donation Requests

Kit NA Brewing believes in giving back to our greater community and is proud to support many charities and charitable events. If you are seeking support for a special charitable cause, we need you to complete and submit the information form below for us to consider a donation. Although we would love to donate to all causes, we sometimes have to respectfully decline. We also do not donate to schools (for example, any high school sports team) or functions that cater to children/persons below the age of 21.

The following is a list of other requirements:

  • We will donate beer strictly to charities and nonprofit organizations, not to individuals or any other groups.
  • All inquiries must be submitted one month in advance of the event, otherwise they will be declined.
  • All requests must be submitted through our website portal. Any letters, emails or phone calls will be directed to fill out the complete form. 
  • Kit NA Brewing will limit donations to the same organizations to once per year.

We look forward to hearing about your event, thank you for your understanding. Please fill out the form below, cheers!