November 2022 - On Your Mark wins First Place!- Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition (GIBCC)

November 2022 - Total Maine with Steve Minich - WMTW

Feb/Mar 2022 - Two Models of NA Breweries - Yankee Brew News

1/21/22 - Non-alcoholic beers are finally good (and they're not just for Dry January) - NPR

11/25/21 - Maine's first nonalcoholic brewery is about to ship its first batch - Maine Public

9/8/21 - Maine's first brewery dedicated to making only non-alcoholic beer  - News Center Maine

7/23/21 - Maine’s first Non-Alcoholic Brewery to shake up the Portland brewery scene 


4/1/22 - This Week in Rauchbier - 2022: Kit interview at 37:15

- Beer Edge


 Hop Sensory Day in Yakima, WA - Kit NA picks out hops for On Your Mark



KIT NA had a visit from News Center Maine showcasing our tasty alternative to traditional alcoholic brews.


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